Tug of War

Tug of war. A contest in which two teams pull at opposite ends of a rope until one drags the other over a central line.

Annually a twist is placed on this game in Idaho where the loosing team falls into a pit of sticky instant potatoes.

This mess is fun to fall into and can be quite enjoyable for a time but cleaning up is extremely difficult.

Spiritually we each are players in this game The devil lets go of the rope the instant we side with him. Temporal joy fades into a sticky mess and misery is found. Our battles are deep within and often are seen by the Savior alone.

In the second book of Nephi we learn their “must needs be, that there is an opposition in all things. If not so,….righteousness could not brought to pass.”

Reading further we find “all things have been done in the wisdom of him who knoweth all things…and men are that they might have joy.”

Freedom comesaccording to the flesh ; and all things are given them (us) which are expedient unto man. and they are free to choose liberty and eternal life through through the great mediator of all men, or to choose captivity and death, according to the captivity and power of the devil; for he seeketh that all men might be miserable like unto himself.”

The ultimate tug of war outcome was determined long ago. Christ has come, He lives, He loves us, and He has provided a way home. As we side with him he will never let us fall into the potatoes though He will allow us to feel the force of the opponents pull so we can learn and grow.

The devil however lets go of the rope the instant we side with him. Temporal joy fades into a sticky mess and misery is found.

Ezra Taft Benson declared “Daily, constantly, we choose by our desires, our thoughts, and our actions whether we want to be blessed or cursed happy or miserable.”

Will your choices place you in the instant potatoes today?


Time to Dance

“Time where did you go why did you leave me alone, wait don’t go so fast I’m missing the moments as they pass…”

A few years ago I had the opportunity to Ballroom dance to these words. As I did they became my own, my body awakened expressing the depth of they’re meaning in my life. Since this experience these words have become etched more clearly upon my soul.

Time is a precious commodity we cannot earn it nor get it back once we have spent it.

Elliott Landau once stated “There is a time to talk and a time to be quiet, a time to think, a time to cry, a time to laugh, a time to smile, a time to go to bed, and a time to awaken. There is the right time and the wrong time for all kinds of things. As we grow older, we are continually reminded by those with whom we live, by our teachers, by our friends, even by our grandmothers, that we have done things that were right at the wrong time.”

So how do we not let these precious moments pass and use our given time correctly?

We learn to become as the Savior IS and SEE AS HE SEES by placing ourselves in another’s position. By doing this we learn to discern when it is the right time to laugh, to smile, to cry, to ask, and even to wonder.

Don’t wonder where the moments have passed in your life or where the time has went.

Today is the day to remember the Second Greatest Commandment and feel the windows of heaven open as you love your neighbor as yourself!

The Power of the Word

The old saying sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me is flawed. Words are a powerful tool used to influence us for good or ill.

Mother Teresa put it best when she stated “Words which do not give the light of Christ increase the darkness.” All to often we increase the darkness by choosing to not speak to others as they truly are as our brothers and sisters; sons and daughters of the

most High.

How then do we learn to see others clearly so we can speak to them in a manner that will increase the light rather then the darkness? We study our owners manual to our life by seeking understanding given us in holy scriptures written specifically for us to apply to ourselves.

Learning to study the scriptures is like learning to walk. When you first begin reading them, you feel unsure; you’d much rather read something familiar, like a favorite story. But I can tell you from my experience, if you will try reading the scriptures every day, just as you kept trying to walk, these precious records will become as important to you as being able to walk. In fact, I believe more so. Every day will go better for you. Your confidence will grow, and you will find the strength to resist temptation and discouragement. But you have to begin. So if you haven’t already. Start tonight by marking a favorite scripture before you go to bed.

 I testify that The Book of Mormon is true and will lead us safely to the loving arms of the Savior when darkness seeks admittance into our life. I know as we study the scriptures we are metaphorically filling our lamps with the oil that will allow us to see others clearly despite the words they may use around us.

What will your words say about you today?


The Secret To Coming Alive!

I recently found a new favorite quote. “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive. and then go do that. Because what the world needs are people who have come alive.” – Harold Whitman

True knowledge makes us come alive. When we hear and understand pure truth our hearts are healed and our lives are enriched. As I’ve served in New York these past 18 months the phrase “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink” has taken on a whole new meaning.

In the Bible Matthew makes a profound statement:  Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.”

I have personally taken His council and have a testimony of the resurrected Savior Jesus Christ I know He lives and is ever mindful of our concerns. In Amos we learn ” the Lord God will do nothing save he reveals it to his servants the prophets.”

I am so grateful to know that before the Lord does anything He will always warn us through His servants. The Book of Mormon holds many of these warnings and through its pages we receive a second written witness of Christs divinity and love. I know  its content was saved and written for each of us specifically and brought forth in these days to assist us with becoming spiritually alive in an ever darkening world.

The introduction states: “We invite all men everywhere to read the Book of Mormon, to ponder in their hearts the message it contains, and then to ask God, the Eternal Father, in the name of Christ if the book is true. Those who pursue this course and ask in faith will gain a testimony of its truth and divinity by the power of the Holy Ghost. ”

I cannot make anyone read The Book of Mormon anymore then I could force a horse to drink water, however I know that as it is read a quiet peace emerges in life. I feel this same peace as I listen to and heed modern scripture spoken by prophets, seers and revelators. I testify to you that as you choose to accept the challenge to read and heed the council found in the The Book of Mormon and spoken by the modern prophet Thomas S. Monson you will be safegarded from the whirlwinds of the adversary. 

The Lord lives, He came for us and loves us and knows our hearts. He has given us the ability to choose to come back to Him and will always honor our choices. Choose to become alive today. Choose to listen to the ones who sound the trumpet of alarm!


Vie Su!

Icy wind cut to the core as I stepped out of the car into the misty January rain. Large puddles created from a down pour moments earlier rippled energetically with each step my companion and I took.

A happy tune emerged from my lips as we began splashing along! Suddenly a realization hit…my left boot is no longer water resistant. 😦 The splashing water on the outside now was accompanied by a squishing inside my boot.

Going from house to house as a missionary can be a roller coaster ride. Never knowing what or whom will be behind every door assists in keeping one on their toes and ready for almost anything!

After a few slammed doors, some polite no thank you’s, and being blessed to teach others; I asked my companion how I would say “I have water in my boot” in her native language (Tongan). “Vie Su why” she ask. I simply stated “Vie Su” and we marched happily along continuing from door to door.

Time is the one thing we can never have enough of. At times it seems to slip away with no effort leaving us wondering where it went. Other days it drags mercilessly on. When in times of spiritual or physical pain (as was the instance with my boot) we must remember that our attitude determines our outcome and that what we experience now will not be forever.

I know because my companion and I chose to continue despite the hardness of the task we were blessed. “when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated.” As we are obedient in the times that we are hurting the most, heavenly father cannot help but bless us.

He is bound when we do what he says and as we trust him in times of trial he allows us to have the inner strength to sing in the rain in squishing boots while the wind is turning us to popsicles. I know with Him all things are possible!

What will you do to show Him your trust in Him today?


The night sky speaks to one and all.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high Like a diamond in the sky…

While glittering stars fill our minds with wonder and awh the reality of our own nothingness in comparison of them often comes as we gaze into the nights sky.

It is easy to feel utterly alone and abandoned in a world full of people and objects, especially in moments like these. But we are not forgotten. The Savior Himself has told us in the book of John “I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.”

We are important to Him. He knows our hurts, has suffered our pains, and paid for our sins As we daily choose to accept Him by having faith and repenting of our wrong He teaches us through the Holy Ghost (or light of Christ before baptism).

The Holy Ghost is a constant friend who brings comfort and peace in times of trial and doubt.

He is a quiet teacher and only comes when we are acting in a manner that invites Him into our lives.

He is the third member of the Godhead and is a personage of spirit so he can dwell with us.

He is the one Christ prayed to the father for, that we might have Comfort and Peace in our lives.

The only way to receive Him as a constant friend is by Baptism and Confirmation by those Holding the authorized priesthood of God.

He can and will teach us the truth of all things as we live worthy of desired knowledge.

Glittering Stars can not compare to the things the Lord has in store for us. WE ARE HIS CHILDREN, His whole work and Glory is to “bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man (us).”

WE ARE NOT FORGOTTEN. The Lord loves us we are the diamonds shining in His eye and as we take steps to become friends with the Holy Ghost we begin to see what the Lord sees in us and others. 


The Race of Life


 Sound familiar?!?

Years went by with me wanting to learn to play tennis.

One day I  looked myself and stated “YOU ARE RIDICULOUS! QUIT COMPLAINING AND  MAKE THE TIME!”

As I made time to learn and practice I began to feel accomplished; a sensation of joy and gratitude came into my life. Soon after learning the basics I left my home and the new found sport for full time missionary service as a representative of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

I found tennis and missionary work have much in common. They both begin when you SERVE (act) and bring feelings that can only be explained in the heart.

Thomas S. Monson once stated: “The race of life is not optional. We are on the track and running, whether we like it or not. Some see dimly the goal ahead and take costly detours which lead to disappointment and frustration. Others view clearly the prize for running well and remain steadfast in pursuit. This prize, this lofty and desirable goal, is none other than eternal life in the presence of God.”

I know that as we look ourselves in the eye and make the time to stay deeply rooted in the Gospel by Studying the Scriptures, Praying, Fasting, Serving those around us, and listening to the Prophets counsel we do not have to embark on the costly detours or face the frustration of looking at ourselves in the mirror thinking of what we could have been had we only tried a little harder.  (If I had used the time for learning rather then contemplating  I would have been a formidable opponent.)

The Savior of the world lives, His name is Jesus Christ and as we go to Him, He answers and assists us in becoming the person whom He sees we can become. He has prepared a place for us but it is up to us to TAKE ACTION so we can be and feel worthy of living with Him and our families forever.